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Camo G1 Ultra Pro Spar Bar Head Guard Metallic Green / Gold

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Whether you're a long range sniper or a close combat specialist, with the Camo G1 Series you will be ready for war.

Hand made from the highest quality hide leathers with a distinctive camouflage print, the Camo G1 Ultra Pro Spar Bar Head Guard provides unbeatable protection and comfort without sacrificing field of vision.

The cross-face bar provides an additional level of protection from punches, elbows and clashes of heads in the build-up to a match.

The non-slip, moister wicking inner lining combined our 3-point fit adjustment have been specifically developed to keep the headguard in place while providing maximum comfort and minimum distraction throughout your sparring session.




  • Premium Quality Hide Leathers
  • 3-Point Fit Adjustment
  • Wide Field of Vision
  • Moisture Wicking Branded Lining
  • Moulded Foam Padding
  • Laser Cut Leather Contrast Panelling
  • Cross-Face Protective Bar


Head Guard Size Guidelines:

  • S: 23-24  inch
  • M: 24-25 inch
  • L: 25-26 inch