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Camo G1 Ultra Pro Spar Head Guard Metallic Green / Gold

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Whether you're a long range sniper or a close combat specialist, with the Camo G1 Series you will be ready for war.

Hand made from the highest quality hide leathers with a distinctive camouflage print, the Camo G1 Ultra Pro Spar Head Guard provides unbeatable protection and comfort without sacrificing field of vision.

The newly devised Rabbit Punch Pad protects from shots to the rear of the head while the addition of the single wide strap closure system provides both comfort and a superior fit.

 The non-slip, moister wicking inner lining combined our 3-point fit adjustment have been specifically developed to keep the head guard in place while providing maximum comfort and minimum distraction throughout your sparring session.




  • Premium Quality Hide Leathers
  • 3-Point Fit Adjustment
  • Wide Field Of Vision
  • Moisture Wicking Branded Lining
  • Moulded Foam Padding
  • Laser Cut Leather Contrast Panelling


Head Guard Size Guidelines:

  • S: 23-24 inch
  • M: 24-25 inch
  • L: 25-26 inch