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About Us

 Ringside was born out of a passion for all things boxing, with an aim to uphold traditional design elements whilst implementing present-day cutting-edge innovations. Our journey started from humble beginnings in London in 2009, with the goal to bring traditional British fightwear back into the market.
Boxer with gloves up in guard position

 At Ringside, boxing is our sole motivator, boxing is our fuel, boxing is who we are and what we do. Whether you are aiming to improve fitness, discipline, or technique, whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro – your mission is our endeavour. It is for these reasons that whichever personal stage you are at on your boxing journey, we have you covered.

Boxer about to hit punching bag. Coach watches in background.

 We are proud to share common characteristics with our consumers; grit, determination and adaptability. A smart boxer is durable, tenacious and most importantly is always-learning. We employ all of these features in every facet of our design process and use the feedback from our network of professional trainers and fighters to guarantee that we do not fall short on these attributes.